Simply Brilliant.

Behind Studio 7 Media’s hands-on execution is creative and best user experience strategy with a big dose of technology innovation
(and a little bit of heavy metal for good measure).

User Experience (UX) User Experience (UX)

We believe in lean UX – Get to the best answer in a way that’s faster and smarter.  We thrive on solving complex problems, while creating meaningful experiences that impact users and create value for businesses. Entrepreneurs at heart, we factor smart risk-taking and adaptability into our innovation process to ensure the best outcome.

Design Design

By designing personality into products, we believe they lead to more meaningful relationships with users.  Our creative objective is to produce beautiful, intuitive and fully thought-out designs by optimizing the product around how users can, want, or need to use the product.

Technology Innovation Technology Innovation

Studio 7 Media builds customized applications that will fast become an indispensable part of your user’s experience and your business success.  We thrive on technology challenges and solving your biggest problems. Our apps are distinctive – and so is our approach from the R&D phase, UX, to execution and final QA.

About Us.

  • Studio 7 Media

    Studio 7 Media, LLC is sophisticated design, UX and technology agency that blends engineering expertise with creative passion to create breakthrough applications and brands. We embrace challenging projects that range from never-seen-before technology solutions, to high-level user experience and design for the Entertainment Industry, Fortune 1000 Clients and Consumer Products.


    A boutique creative firm headquartered in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, we are passionate about solving complex and pressing challenges for our clients, while delighting consumers with the best possible experience.
  • Cyndee Sugra


    Cyndee Sugra serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Experience Officer of Studio 7 Media. She launched the firm in 2001 with the goal of providing an unparalleled mix of creative and technology services to big brands, while providing meaningful experiences to users. Under her guidance, the firm has experienced consecutive years of triple-digit growth and pioneered numerous breakthrough technology apps, including the movie industry standard Digital Copy, computer connected toys for Fisher-Price and more. When not wearing the entrepreneur hat, Cyndee spends her time recording with her electronica/rock band, Shiny Plastic People, being a vegan foodie, and a Mom of two.
  • Marlon Mehr


    Marlon Mehr serves as Chief Technology Officer of Studio 7 Media, where he oversees all research and technology development for the company and is responsible for creative problem solving for the firm’s Fortune 1000 clients.  Since joining Studio 7 in 2003, Marlon’s pioneering work on behalf of clients such as Twentieth Century Fox, CNN and Sony Networks, has established the firm’s reputation as the go-to digital agency for customized technology application development and smart fixes to the most challenging engineering issues.  A techie at heart, Marlon also has over 25 years of experience as a songwriter, producer and audio engineer and enjoys recording music with his electronica/rock band, Shiny Plastic People, and loves watching movies.


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